Let me preface this blog by reminding some of you that I am a proud gun owner. I support the NRA and most of its positions.

I am a firm believer in the Second Amendment and believe that this Amendment protects all the others, really.

Having said that, I do not support gun fanaticism.

And I just ran into an example of this in my opinion while surfing the Internet preparing for my radio show.

At first I thought it must be a parody. I couldn't get myself to believe it was real.

A gun club in Arizona is offering pictures with Santa.

Complete with MACHINE GUNS in the background. Santa's machine guns it would seem. You know, in case Al Qaeda decides to invade the North Pole.

But there's more!

People having their picture taken can also pose brandishing any number of weapons that the club has on hand.

That includes AK-47s and grenade launchers.

And yes, small children are invited to pose as well.

Look, one thing is supporting the Second Amendment and being a gun owner. Even a PROUD gun owner.

But isn't this a bit over the top. I mean, a LOT over the top??

Isn't this exactly the behavior that makes a laughing stock of gun owners all across this great country? Isn't this the kind of stuff that makes great fodder for the gun grabbers who insist we are gun toting crazies in America?

In my opinion, it is JUST that.

Is there really a need to pose with Santa with GUNS present?? How does a parent even explain that Santa has machine guns and AR-15s by the dozens on hand?

Does his sled have turrets on the sides? Do the reindeer pack heat, too? The elves?

Why not just hang GUNS from your tree this year, too? Lots and lots of them. Hell, trade in your candy canes and store bought typical stuff and string GUNS from the tree!!

Instead of stockings, have your gun collection hanging from the mantle!


Sorry if I am breaking ranks with many of my fellow conservatives who might be supporting this gun club's stunt.

I will break ranks. And proudly. I answer to no one on this earth. I am true to myself. I will stand up for what I believe in and be perfectly clear about what I do not believe in.

Go to a gun range or play some video games or polish your nickel plated classics.

But let's keep Santa's workshop a gun free zone.