Let’s assume for a moment that your current job didn’t have limitations based on old age.

Pretend that you could do your job, if your health allowed, when you were 99 years old!!

Million dollar question: Would you do it?

COULD you do? Could you stomach the thought?

The question either brings a smile to your face or a look of revulsion.

Might be an indication of whether or not you have found your passion in life.

I answer, HELL YES. Of course I would love to be on the radio at age 99.

Can’t guarantee that it would be very compelling. Or that I’d have the same spunk I have now. Or that radio will even be around in 60 years!

But my answer is a firm YES.

CBS commentator Andy Rooney died last week and worked into his 90s as well. Was there any doubt he loved what he did? He spent 60 at CBS. SIXTY years!!

I came across a story of a man most of us never knew. A barber who died last month.

William Perla died just days after turning 100. He cut hair until he was 99.

He was asked when he’d stop cutting hair and he said, “When I get old.”

Isn’t that awesome?

The Army vet started cutting hair as a teenager. He was 18 when the Great Depression hit. And he didn’t open his first place until age 50.

It’s never too late.

Perla worked 12 hour days and Saturdays as well.

The old saying is true. If you do what you love in life, you won’t work a day in your life.

Pursue your dreams. Your passions. Do what makes you happy and you will ultimately be successful at it. It will bring you great joy.

Rest in peace, William Perla.

Maybe you are cutting hair for the angels now.

Your passion is an inspiration to all of us, even after your death.

So don’t just sit there. Go out and do what you love and love what you do. With every fiber in your being.