I am currently enjoying a motivational CD seminar on the Asian concept of kaizen.

It is a philosophy that is used everyday in the modern world by individuals, businesses, and corporations to yield phenomenal results!

Kaizen essentially is the process of taking small, seemingly insignificant steps that translate to huge, important results.

Although I am only about 20% into the vast amount of information offered in the program, the examples we can all relate to are endless.

The kaizen approach to losing weight, for example, would be to cut back on a few things that aren’t good for us and add a few things that are good for us to our daily diet. Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Maybe parking at the rear of the parking lot instead of looking for the first space right in front.

These are little baby steps that can lead to amazing results.

Let’s take finances and debt.

True, most of us can’t digest getting a huge medical or credit card bill. We understandably get overwhelmed.

Some people will actually bury the bill as if that will make it go away. Not only will it NOT go away, you will just incur MORE debt as well as late fees, more interest, etc. Your very credit rating will likely suffer.

Most people’s knee jerk reaction is that if they can’t pay the whole bill that they shouldn’t pay ANY of it. This is NOT TRUE!!

If you get a bill for $100, it is better to pay $10 or however much you can rather than nothing. Chances are even if you can’t pay the $100, you CAN pay SOMETHING.

So do it!

Small steps. That is the kaizen way.

Another example is saving your change in a jar at the end of the day. Assorted change may seem literally like chump change today, but in a few months or years it could add up to a nice romantic evening out or even a vacation.

Little steps…adding up…to something BIG!!

The old saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step is absolutely correct. Whether it’s a weight loss or financial or other personal or business goal, you need to take the FIRST STEPS.

You can get visually anywhere you want to go.

But not without action.

And remember, as kaizen reminds us, it doesn’t have to be HUGE intimidating actions.

Sometimes the littles things get us the furthest along the road of our dreams!!