I still sometimes get carded, which I think is silly since I look around 30.

Coming from a 40-year-old who DOESN'T look around 30, I meant that as a joke.

Maybe my bald head makes me look a tad younger, though, because I still DO get carded every so often. It doesn't bother me. It's not so much the potential flattery but the fact that the cashier is doing their job and a liquor license is at stake if they screw up.

Liquor licenses can be difficult to attain to begin with. But once acquired, they are a huge cash cow for most establishments.

That is why a liquor store northeast of London had such a seemingly strange run in with an elderly woman.

You see, they were still skittish after losing their liquor license in 2007. They were made to strictly enforce a "No ID, No Booze" policy or risk losing their license yet again.

The 92-year-old great grandmother had no driver's license (probably a good thing, right??) or passport to show her age. Although one wonders why she wouldn't have the equivalent of a state ID card that we have in America, which DOES show your age on an acceptable form of ID. Maybe they don't offer that or she just didn't have one, either.

But the bottom line was, the cashier would NOT sell her the booze.

Common sense has gone out the window. We all know that.

Unless this was a clever kid under layers of prosthetics and Hollywood makeup to appear elderly, this obviously was someone old enough to drink.

But if a mole or an undercover officer witnessed the cashier NOT insisting on ID, the place could shut down for good.

What a situation to be in.

It used to be your good judgment would lead to who you carded and who you didn't. Then we asked people who looked under 30 something for their ID across the board. Then we asked for ID when we weren't sure. Now we sometimes ID EVERYBODY, whether it's absurd to do so or not.

Now, even a great grandmother nearly a CENTURY old is turned away for no ID.

Maybe she can find some young person with an ID  to go in and buy the liquor for her.

How's THAT for ironic??