On Monday of this week, I pledged as part of my Motivational Monday blog to write a blog every day this week.

And since this is Friday, and I haven't missed any days this week, it looks as if I made my pledge a reality.

Big deal, you say??

Well, it is. Anytime you bring an intention or goal to fruition is a big deal. From the littlest goals to the biggest ones.

In fact, it benefits us to start off with the smaller types of goal setting to get us conditioned and well practiced.

So you might want to start off with "I will make it out of the house on time this week" or "For one week, I will not eat fast food." Something like this.

One of the most important things to do is to put your intention down in WRITING.

In my case, I stated it on a blog read by many of my listeners and Fox News Radio fans.

But whether you write it down for the world to see or just you, I cannot overstate how important the writing down of the goal is.

It makes it REAL, if that makes sense. Once it's on paper, it's the real deal. You've committed, my friend. Now you have to do what needs to be done, however difficult or tedious or scary, in order to make it happen.

And be as specific as possible. Another important point that can never be stated often enough.

Don't say you want to write more blogs. Heck, if you are that vague, ONE more blog is "more blogs" right? Would you STOP after just one more?? Of course not.

Instead of saying I want to make more money next year, say "Next year I plan to make $300 more a week than I am making this year." Or something realistic for your own particular situation. It might be $30 more or $3,000 more. Don't make it impossibly difficult or out of the realm of possibility.

Same with weight loss. Don't say "I will lose weight" because anybody can lose weight. Losing an ounce or a pound isn't a huge accomplishment, to be honest. So say by December 31, 2012 I will weigh 155 pounds.

Write all this down. Post it on the fridge and every time you plan to raid the fridge for snacks at 2am you will be reminded of your goal. Pretty soon you will notice you don't even WANT to snack anymore because you know that all that junk and compulsive eating will keep you further from your goal instead of getting you closer to it.

Put the money goals in your checkbook so every time you balance your books you will be reminded that things need to be planned and carried out if you are to increase your income by your stated amount.

Keep copies of your goals in your wallet. Let them rest on your night stand. Post them to your cork board in the office. Wherever you will see them. Over and over and over again.

Utter them upon waking and fall asleep with them on your mind.

Congratulations. You are now so much further along than most people who will take any of these steps.

Have a great weekend and do what needs to be done to make those goals and intentions come true!!