We humans would REALLY be impressive if we used our brains to determine we'd stop engaging in self destructive behavior, whether it's overeating, smoking, driving too fast, etc.

A new poll has me stumped a little.

Almost half of students fear that their Facebook posts will hurt their job prospects one day.

Ok, Sherlock. Then STOP.

STOP posting idiotic updates that make you look dumber than you ever possibly could be!!

You very well COULD be judged by future employers. So suck in your gut and clean up your act. Show that you can shine as well as curl up in the fetal position and vomit for days.

There really isn't any NEED to post pictures of yourself in various forms of undress. Or hungover. Or in any other embarrassing and compromising situation.

So why do people DO this?? Why would you want ANYONE, familiar or stranger, to see that side of you?

It can't be something you are proud of, right?

So why make it a focus?

Too many students ASSUME that no one important to their future will see their posts and photos.

But what about the people important to your PRESENT? Like PARENTS??

As a public figure, I am often warned by many people "Be careful what you post!"

I have a rule of thumb. Always assume your ex-spouse, ex-significant other, mother, father, and boss are reading your posts.

Oh, and future bosses, too.

If there's anything that would offend any of these people, then you have to ask yourself if the post is really that important.

You can still have fun.

You just don't have to be an idiot.