Wool is cruel.

CRUEL, I tell you!!

After all, they have to sheer the wool from those poor sheep!!

Wait...the animals aren't KILLED or even INJURED for their wool.

And if I were a sheep in 110 degree weather, I'd be learning to hold the sheers and do it myself.

So what is the big fuss?

Well, there isn't one really. At least not outside of West Hollywood, which can be as nutty as San Francisco or Berkeley in it what it considers cutting edge causes which are really the source of ridicule from most of the nation.

West Hollywood, California stayed up until 1:15 in the morning last night, getting closer to a ban on the sale of clothing made of animal fur and wool.

This is REALLY a priority in California? UNREAL.

The most idiotic part of this is that it doesn't ban the sale of LEATHER.

There aren't too many cows running around without skin. Well, unless they are a HAMBURGER or STEAK.

But now taking wool from sheep and CLOTHING people is a crime?? It's CRUEL??

Maybe they should stay up until 1:15am trying to solve real HUMAN ISSUES like joblessness and homelessness and crime.

If the sheep could speak, they'd say this is baaaaaaaaaaad policy.