I'm gagging on all this left wing civility from the last few weeks! I can hardly take it all in!

Last month California Rep. Maxine Waters said the Tea Party "can go straight to Hell!"

Indiana Rep. Andre Carson said the Tea Party would love to see blacks hanging from a tree. He said this before a supportive crowd in Miami at a Congressional Black Caucus event.

Labor Day this past Monday found Teamsters boss James Hoffa, Jr. attacked the Tea Party, saying "Let's take these sons of b!&#$@$ out and give America back to an America where we belong."

I love the lame attempt by some to water down the comments and insist that he meant "vote them out"!

Well, he didn't say that, did he?

In almost 20 years on the radio, I have called for many politicians to be VOTED OUT. Not ONCE...NOT ONCE...have I ever said by mistake they need to be "taken out".

That is a term used very methodically and without apology. Those are, literally, fighting words. And that's what Hoffa and his cronies want.

The same day Joe Biden thanked the "workers" of America for keeping the "Barbarians at the gate"!!

So now the GOP and dissenters of the radical left's agenda are BARBARIANS??

Imagine if Sarah Palin or Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or Dick Cheney said that the teachers unions should go straight to Hell. Or that union members were SOBs and needed to be "taken out". Or if a conservative was talking about...say...ILLEGAL ALIENS...and referenced them as BARBARIANS.

That would go over well, right?

I am very concerned over the mental sanity of many on the left. Not even the radical left. Just the left.

There is barely a voice on the left condemning Hoffa, Waters, Carson, or even the PRESIDENT for not speaking up, either.

And given the chance to take their comments back, all the above mentioned have dug in their heels and remain unapologetic.

Oh, and in case you need any more examples of the left wing's efforts to temper the violent rhetoric they always accuse the RIGHT of in America...

An online video game called "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" has zombies named after and realistically depicting the faces of some of the most hated conservatives in America--Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and various Fox News personalities.

The bloody and mentally deranged violence begins in the lobby of Fox News.

Nice and classy, just like the Left Wing wants it.

Share this blog with all your liberal friends. Especially the ones with the "Coexist" and "Love Everyone" bumper stickers. I'd love to hear their reactions.