There is a new study out of the University of Maryland that claims laughing at the movies has a positive effect on your heart.

Fans of intense, hardcore action might want to pause and consider that the researchers found that watching movies such as "Saving Private Ryan" constricts the arteries.

In fact, such dramatic and action filled movies tended to elicit neurohormonal reactions such as high blood pressure and increased heart rate as well.

Movies full of good, solid belly laughs release beta endorphin, a chemical that increases blood circulation.

This study is interesting to me, but not altogether surprising.

You would also expect your body and mind and soul to react differently to seeing two people kissing romantically on the pier than you would seeing two people beating each other to death in an alley.

I found it tied to together nicely with one of my favorite laws of the Universe--the Law of Attraction.

Would it be shocking if they did a study that found walking to your car late at night in a bad part of town had a negative effect on your system and senses compared to the happiness and joy that attending a party with friends and family would bring you?

I have always believed that the music and movies and entertainment that we expose ourselves to has a HUGE impact on our very psyche.

Think about it.

How do you feel after hearing a song about heartbreak and heartache compared to a song about complete bliss?

Does a rap song about killing cops or beating women, for example, have the same effect on the soul as century old symphonies of nature and love?

Does tapping your toes to an old Blue Eyes swing tune make you feel the same way as a song about death and destruction and Armageddon?

Not even close.

This is what we have really known for thousands of years.

The thoughts we have and allow into our minds have great and powerful effects on how we feel and what we become.

Thoughts really do become things.

Why else do we tell each other to have a NICE day instead of a lousy one? We pay money to go to clubs to have people on stage make us LAUGH not depressed, right?

Why? Because laughing feels better.

So chillax. Calm your heart and soul. Watching a really funny flick tonight might be just what the doctor ordered.