A few months back, my wife and I got signed up for a gym for the first time in years.

We were going all the time. Losing weight, getting trim, the whole nine yards.

Then life happened as it always does and we slacked off because of illness or overwhelming commitments.

But we've been edging our way back in full time again and one story in particular propelled me back in yesterday.

It's the story of of Erna Huck from Utah.

Even though Erna is 100-years-old, she manages to hit the gym at least two days a week.


Imagine that. She's a CENTURY OLD and goes to the gym more often than probably 90% of the people reading this blog.

What's OUR excuse?

We don't have any, really.

I was particularly conscious yesterday of older folks working out.

In fact, one elderly man--maybe 75--got on the exercise bike next to me and ended up peddling further than I did, 35 years his junior.

I learned several lessons from this story and my experience at the gym.

You are only as old as you think you are, really. There are plenty of 20-year-olds who are lazy and letting their bodies atrophy from lack of activity.

And we don't really have as many valid excuses as we think we do. Whether it's involving exercising or achieving anything out there we wish to achieve, from financial stability to a better tennis swing.

She was asked in her WTVY.com interview what she thought of people who make up a myriad of excuses to not exercise.

Her answer?

"I can't understand it," she said.

So get out there and DO IT already.

I know the story of Erna was the kick in the pants I needed to break my hiatus from better health.