Everyday I am shocked and saddened by all the unkind people I run into.

The jerk who just HAS to gun it so you aren't able to merge safely on the freeway.

The inconsiderate moron who got to the checkout line a split second ahead of you but has 400 items and you have 3 and he still won't offer to let you go ahead.

The weasel who roars into the parking space YOU'VE been waiting patiently for.

I am writing a book on Pet Peaves and all of these could easily make the final cut of the manuscript.

We see stuff like this everyday. Some of you may also be the victims of this unkindness and rudeness.

Hopefully you aren't the perpetrator. But statistically, the chances are good that you might be on occasion or even routinely.

Try this novel concept today: be NICE.


Would it kill you to let the poor guy merge onto the freeway even if it means being being ONE more car for a bit down the road?

Would it really set your whole day off if the woman bought her 3 items ahead of you buying your 400?

Is that parking space REALLY worth STEALING form the other guy?

Try this today.

Smile more than you frown.

Give the other guy the right of way, even if it was a dead tie between the two of you.

Hold a door open.

Pick up something that someone dropped instead of walking by like you didn't notice.

Buy someone's fast food meal at the drive thru.

Talk to the elderly person on the bench sitting there all alone. I did that recently and met a WWII vet and member of the Burma Bridge Bombers. I learned a lot that morning.

Don't just sit there, do something nice. BE nice.

We have a sign in our home that reads: BE NICE OR LEAVE.

Words to live by.