My liberal friends and callers and family ask me a question that I always have a ready answer for.

"Is there anything President Obama HAS done well as President??"

Yep. There certainly is.

He has made us MORE DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT than perhaps any other President in history.

That's a huge accomplishment. If you want people to turn to Government as a first, middle, and last resort.

We have more people on Federal assistance than EVER in American history. It wasn't under Bush or Reagan. It wasn't under Nixon. It's under THIS ADMINISTRATION.

Everywhere you turn, the President is making Americans dependent on Government. Even a good part of the auto industry put their hands out to him. Wall Street, too. The banks were salivating over the handouts.

We have more Americans on FOOD STAMPS than EVER before. One of the things the President did was lower the standards for acquiring SNAP support. What a shock that more people got on the bandwagon.

And now there's a story out of Dallas where at least 8 people were hurt as hundreds rushed to get Dallas County Section 8 housing vouchers.

Yep. Government housing. TAX PAYER FUNDED HOUSING.

When I was a kid in San Francisco, we called them "the Projects" and they were all over the place.

It didn't make sense as a kid why many of the people who lived there were always just kind of...hanging around. Day or night. They laughed and stood and sat and seemed to be having a good time, oftentimes with a beverage in a paper bag in their hands.

They didn't seem to have a care in the world.

Now I know why. They DON'T HAVE A CARE IN THE WORLD.

The taxpayers pay their housing, their food, their meeds...EVERYTHING. Why WOULD they have a care in the world? Someone else is always taking care of them.

The scene in Dallas was UGLY. It was the entitlement mentality at its ugliest worst.

People rushing with their hands out DEMANDING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.

This, sadly, is the President's biggest accomplishment in office. Honestly. Making more Americans dependent on Government than ever before.

It's sad. It's tragic.

It's UNSUSTAINABLE. That's a term liberal love to use when it comes to the ENVIRONMENT.

Wish they'd get comfortable using it in the same sentence as things like government dependence, public pensions, and endless welfare and bailouts.