Finally!! A study that confirms what I have instinctively known to be true all along!!

Taxes on soda, although no doubt great revenue generators for governments out of control with their spending, will do little if anything to combat obesity.

Know why??

Ummmmm. Fat people drink DIET SODA.


Are you dry shaving me again, Spencer?

Nope. Not kidding. Obese and overweight people overwhelmingly prefer diet soda over regular soda.

If this is true, why are they so obese then??

Well, frankly, because the mashed potatoes and biscuits AREN'T diet.

We've all seen the obese piling on the food at buffets only to ask the waiter for another glass of diet soda. Maybe it's a false sense of security? Why else try to save 100 calories in a glass full of soda and ice when the food on your plate is easily in the THOUSANDS of calories?

The study's author also concludes what I have been saying all along. The people who will be most affected by this tax are those who ARE NOT OBESE or even overweight. See how easy these idiotic ideas are to shut down?

All you need is an ounce of common sense, carbonated or not.

Problem is that common sense is harder to find than Waldo in today's times.