Wait. I thought fanatical leftists HATED the idea of engineered foods and lab created culinary concoctions (hey, that sounds like a cool name for a band!!). Isn't that true? They've even called them Frankenfoods.

So why are they now, some of them, pushing for the radical idea of raising MEAT in a LAB??

Because their environmental fascist beliefs that man is the greatest blight to the planet have overshadowed any common sense they might have had left.

Now these same people who wouldn't want a tomato to emerge from a lab want meat eaters to have to settle for "artificial meat"! Can you BELIEVE this??

The fanatics claim greenhouse emissions would be reduced by 96% over farm grown meat.

And it would reduce rural real estate property!! HOW??

Hold on to your hat...because of all that ABANDONED farm property that will be everywhere once farm grown livestock are no longer in strong favor.

Ummm. Abandoned farms?? OH!! You mean the homesteads and prosperity and dreams and family businesses that will GO OUT OF BUSINESS?? Ah!! How wonderful!! Real estate will fall because all of those nasty meat farmers will be no more!! HAHA!! How cool is that!! Once we all get duped into eating artificial meat, we won't NEED a lot of our farmers and they will just have to find a new line of work!! Maybe they could become environmental fascists, too!!

Look. You may have missed the memo, but the earth is NOT in peril. Maybe from solar activity gone berserk the last several years, but not from us. Meat eaters are not destroying the planet.

STUPIDITY and blind allegiance to faulty science COULD imperil us all.

Notice "global warming" is no longer even whispered anymore? Hmmm. Wonder why. Because it's been largely exposed as a sham?? So now it's "climate change" instead?

Recent articles from reputable sources and scientists have actually pointed to climate change in the opposite direction from what the environmental fascists claim--that we are headed towards at least another mini ice age. That things will be COOLING, not melting over.

I am NOT going to eat artificial meat, but nice try. I don't want my "Double Double" grown in a lab, thank you very much.

So let's stay polite to each other. That is if you are tolerant enough to let me chow down my juicy, delicious burger while you sit across the way eating your Vegan Delight Platter.

To each his own. Remember when we used to say that?

I know. Seems like so long ago.