I wish I could say I remembered where I was when I tried my first burger at the In-N-Out Burger chain.

I guess it must have been at an In-N-Out Burger. Just don't remember the location, is what I meant.

But yes, I was in instant Burger Heaven.

It was INSANELY delicious.

Luckily, In-N-Out Burgers are one of the perks of living in a state that is in economic ruin and neck deep in political sewage. It's one of the few things that can keep a Californian sane through all the chaos, political correctness, and downright stupidity.

The Irving, California based company serves up one of the best burgers I have ever indulged in in my 38 years of eating burgers. And they keep it simple. Single. Double double. Fries. Drinks. Milkshakes. That's about it.

They are famous for their "Secret Menu" which includes such requests as Animal Style.

Speaking of fries, they are the only fast food eatery I can think of that (in the window as you drive up to pay at the drive thru) takes peeled potatoes and stick them in a potato press and cut your fries FRESH right in front of you. That's pretty awesome.

Anyway...back to the blog. Sorry. Making myself hungry for a burger and it's only 8:30am local time.

The California institution finally expanded to the Lone Star State where Texans lined up by the hundreds a day ahead of opening to be among the first to try this fabled burger for themselves.

One woman, a Texas resident of more than 50 years, drove 45 miles to the opening of the Allen, Texas location.

Another woman is shown TEARING UP from the emotions of being able to eat a Double Double anytime she wants. The former California resident had gone 8 years (I can't imagine going 8 weeks) without her favorite burger. She vowed to come back every day for her fix.

It really amazes me how much variety there is in something as deceptively simple as a beef patty, buns, and condiments. It's like pizza, kind of. The basic recipe is simple but you can eat at 100 pizzerias and have 100 different pizzas.

Did I cry the first time I ate an In-N-Out burger? No.

But I wouldn't rule out crying if I went almost a decade without one.

Hey Texas! Now that you have our burger of choice out in your neck of the woods, how about throwing us Californians some of those gun laws and chili??

It's only fair.