As an American of Mexican descent on my father's side, you might think I am wearing a Mexican flag on my lapel today.

Or looking forward to reservations at a Mexican restaurant tonight.

Or planning on getting smashed in a bar rooting on the defeat of French forces all those years ago in the Battle of Puebla.

But NOPE on all counts.

First of all, I am an American first. And second of all, even MEXICANS IN MEXICO are not celebrating this holiday in any measurable ways or numbers. So why would I celebrate it HERE in America??

There is SO much ignorance concerning this non-holiday that I find that I have to blog about it again even though I've visited the topic before, on and off the air.

Today does NOT celebrate Mexican Independence Day. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am at the number of supposed Mexicans who don't know that.

Today commemorates in the greater scheme of things a very small and insignificant battle in the town of Puebla, Mexico in 1862.

My relatives living in Mexico think we are all a little nutty north of the border for making this all such a big deal.

And contrary to myth, the Mexican forces were not all farmers with pitchforks and fists. It was the actually armed forces by and large.

It was a surprise victory.

Well, temporarily anyway.

No one would celebrate hitting the bully when accosted for lunch money if the bully came back the next day and punched you so hard you saw stars for a month and ended up in a body cast.

But that is essentially what happened here. The French forces botched what should have been an easy win that day, learned from their tactical mistakes, regrouped, and essentially wiped the floor with the Mexican forces and took over the entire country for years to come.

I ask you now a legitimate question: Why aren't French American students allowed a day on the American school calendar to celebrate THAT? Why is it politically correct for Mexican kids to celebrate French defeat but it would never be ok in reverse?

You might like the answer, but even as someone with Hispanic blood in their veins from BOTH parents (my mother was from Nicaragua) I will say it like it is.

It's because it's politically incorrect whenever a European force or people attack a non-European one. PERIOD. I said it. So there you go. I categorize the double standard right along with how it's somehow ok to do an over the top (or even mainstream) French or British or Australian accent for a joke or skit but NEVER ok to do a Chinese or Hispanic or Indian accent, for example. Your child can talk like a stuffy English butler but not like Charlie Chan.

It's the TRUTH.

I feel better than in a tiny way, I have helped clear the air and correct history today. Ask your friends what exactly they are celebrating today.

If it were only about drinking and partying, I wouldn't feel the level of personal anger and resentment I do.

But it's deeper than that and it DOES make me mad when our kids are filled with propaganda and self esteem GARBAGE that is a disservice to all students. Especially Mexican and Mexican-American ones who are entitled to know the truth about an event they are brainwashed into believing is up their with National Independence and World War victory.

Don't let that stop you from having a margarita or a Penafiel carbonated beverage later.

Just thought you needed to hear the truth from somebody today.