I write blogs like this one not to incite angry responses to my writing, but to be truthful to how I really feel about something.

Even if it's against the grain of my average listener/fan/supporter.

Middle Paxton Elementary School officials found that 5th grader Connor Tressler's patriotic face paint marking the death of Osama Bin Laden was a distraction and in violation of the school's dress code and code of conduct.

It depicted an American Flag on his right cheek, USA on the left cheek, and 5-1-11 on his forehead (the date of Osama's death).

Connor's mother, Jennifer Tressler, pulled him out of school for the day before the Principal offered to let him wash it from his face.

You will probably hate me for this. But the school was right.

HUH, SPENCER?!?! Are you NUTS?? Are you drinking the Kook-Aid you are always accusing the radical Left of guzzling??

Nope. Not guilty on all counts.

I completely understand the school's attempt at enforcing codes of conduct and not selectively enforcing them for certain students with certain causes.

BUT SPENCER!! Just YESTERDAY you blogged about how we shouldn't feel guilty for celebrating Osama's death!! You are a HYPOCRITE today!

Nope again.

If the 5th grader wants to wear this face paint at home or to the store, that's up to him and his parents.

But it's not ok at school.

As Connor himself has admitted, he isn't criticized for his t-shirts, just the face paint. Why? Because having a child walking around with all this stuff emblazoned on his face IS a distraction.

And for those of you defending his freedom to wear this display of patriotism, I have a question for you.

Would you be equally accepting if students wore face paint tomorrow with the MEXICAN FLAG emblazoned on their faces? With, for example, the words VIVA MEXICO! written on their cheeks to commemorate Cinco de Mayo (or Cinco de Mayonnaise as I call it)?

Or how about gay or gay supporting students wearing the RAINBOW FLAG on their faces for Gay Pride Day?

What if a student wants to wear face paint of an American Flag with a big X crossing it out?

Would ANY of those designs be ok with you?

Hmmmm.  I didn't think so.

This isn't a question of the school being un-American or run by liberal administrators. It's a question of running a SCHOOL where the purpose of being there is to sit down, fold your hands, sit quietly, and LEARN.

Schools aren't places for political platforms. Even ones we agree with.

I am glad this 5th grader is understanding that the killing of Osama is a monumental day in world history.

But the face paint is better left for home and private time.

Oh. And for us grown ups...I don't think our bosses would be too keen on us showing up to work like this either.

Unless we are on the radio and no one can see us, I guess.