I've had it with political correctness.

At the most extreme levels, it is literally KILLING us. This level of political correctness involves not properly focusing on a group we know posts a threat to us because it might hurt their feelings. Another example is telling a soldier he can't kill the enemy unless he is shot at first.

It's all BS that is getting us KILLED.

Then at the other extreme, political correctness is just downright insulting to the intelligence of even the average garden snail.

A Seattle school has renamed Easter eggs...ummmm...I am not kidding you...Spring Spheres.

Spring SPHERES?!?!

Wait...so now not only is EASTER taboo, but the word EGG is bad, too?!?!

This is, I am convinced, a form of mental insanity. No one has the guts to diagnose it as such. But if you are THAT worried about potentially offending, like 1 in 1 million people by calling an Easter egg and Easter egg, then you are potentially mentally ill.

I don't say this to disparage the sick. I promise you that. But I think this is mental illness the way not washing your towels for two weeks because you think it will save Mother Earth is mental illness.

It is certainly at the very least FANATICISM of the worst kind.

My only hope is that one day, we will see political correctness for what it is. Potentially lethal stupidity based on a complete lack of any logic or reality whatsoever.

But it may have to get a lot worse before it gets better.

It didn't always exist and that leaves hope that if we managed without it for centuries, we can manage without it again.