Those of you who know me to any extent understand my belief in the Law of Attraction. I believe in the Universal Mind that we all are a part of.

Whether or not we realize it, our thoughts vibrate at certain frequencies, often either positive or negative, and this affects how everything vibrates back at us.

Laughing that off as a bunch of hooey?

Try this then: Start your day stubbing your toe on your child's toy, cursing the world, spilling your coffee on your favorite shirt, and heading out the door vibrating at that frequency.

Why wouldn't you do that?

Simple. You know the Law of Attraction is real. Like attracts like. What goes around comes around. Call it what you want. Mankind has been aware of this Universal Law for thousands of years.

Whether or not we choose to become conscious of it and use it to our advantage is an entirely separate issue.

I am reading a great book on the subject on our consciousness and how energy really works called SECRETS OF SUCCESS: THE SCIENCE AND SPIRIT OF REAL PROSPERITY by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Early on, she explains the concept of "adjacent possibilities" which are basically those choices and circumstances and possibilities and reactions which are SO CLOSE to the ones we choose instead--but are there as options nonetheless.

She describes it as a "fresh definition of what's going on, a different conclusion and emotional reaction."

For example, if you feel yourself going down the wrong path any given day or moment, instead of continuing down that path (of, let's say, a vice, a negative decision or circumstance, a destructive behavior, a depressing thought), CHOOSE to look for your adjacent possibilities and choose them instead.

It could be as simple as reaching for the apple in the fridge instead of the ice cream. Or slowing down at the yellow light instead of speeding through it. Or singing you favorite song instead of dwelling on a sad thought.

The examples are endless and you will very quickly realize just how many hundreds, if not thousands, of these adjacent possibilities are before us each and every day.

The author's premise is that, little by little, by CHOOSING to explore these possibilities, we will quickly see astounding changes in our lives.

And as someone who is doing this, I can attest to the correctness of this view.

It works. Try it.

You have nothing to lose and an improved life and sense of well being to gain.