We have finally had some Spring like days in the Sacramento area after endless rains and storms and flooding.

So it was a perfect weekend to take Gingy to the park while her siblings played baseball in a sandlot or hung out at the house.

You would THINK this would be a relaxing experience for me as a parent, right?

Watching our youngest light up with wonder and excitement at the sight of slides and swings and endless adventure SHOULD be a Zen like experience.

But leave it to the other parents to ruin the whole thing.

Not ALL the parents, mind you. Just MOST of them.

I used to think it was just certain areas or neighborhoods. But it isn't.

The rude and clueless playground parent explains the rude and clueless playground child.

What the frig is wrong with people, anyway??

How is it ok for a parent to watch their child be a TOTAL SNOT to another kid and think it's ok?? I watched as parents observed their little wonder throwing tan bark in a helpless kid's face and laugh. LAUGH!

Other parents WATCHING as their kids dropped gum wrappers and lollipop sticks. LITTERING!! And NOT picking up after them.

Kids pushing and shoving their way up the ladders and not being told by the so called ADULTS that they need to TAKE TURNS AND BE NICE.

Gingy is a pretty self reliant and tough 3-year-old, but she was watching in astonishment as kids were looking more like anarchists in the making than innocent souls getting their energy out.

Kids will be kids is always the fallback excuse.

Yes, kids WILL be kids. And that is good and bad.

Kids will resort to wolf like behavior if left to their own devices and impulses. That's why we have PARENTS. Hopefully, good if not great parents.

But SOME level of parenting is helpful to mold us into likable and decent people. We NEED our parents and elders to tell us NO. YOU AREN'T GOING TO SHOVE THAT LITTLE GIRL OFF THE LADDER SO YOU CAN GO FIRST. IT'S NOT RIGHT AND YOU AREN'T GOING TO DO THAT.

Instead the parents are letting their kids be little savages. Little inconsiderate, out of control savages.

I'm not a spanker myself, but you wonder who deserves it more--these kids or their parents.