Kathy Griffin??


She didn't even remotely ring a bell in my mind until the controversy involving Bristol Palin and the cheap jokes against her, solely because she is Sarah Palin's daughter.

So I have watched clips of her on You Tube, and I am still waiting to laugh ONCE.

I'd settle for even a minor chuckle or courtesy laugh. Can't do it.

Ummmm. Maybe that's because she isn't funny maybe?? Shouldn't she be if she is, in fact, a comedienne??

Most recently she went on the warpath against the youngest Palin daughter, Willow.

Talk about below the belt. How tasteless do you have to be to make fun of an innocent teenager?!?!

Pretty tasteless.

But this coming from a woman who ranted about her sex life with her former partner, Steve Wozniak (of Apple fame) and gave the "Suck it, Jesus" speech at the Emmys is par for the course.

Well, Sarah Palin finally is pushing back, calling her a "50 year-old bully." Good for her.

Griffin IS a bully. And a bully of innocent children is the LOWEST kind.

Even if you argue that Sarah Palin is fair game, her youngest daughter should as heck shouldn't be.

It's SO hypocritical that Griffin is a staunch opponent of gay bullying.

So MAYBE if Willow were a lesbian, she'd be defended by Griffin. But we all know that wouldn't be the case.

Griffin announced her New Year's Resolution was to verbally destroy Willow Palin. Nice goal, huh?

If I were her, it would have been to find a better plastic surgeon. OH!! Am I in trouble now?? Is THAT controversial?? She can take it.

Griffin has NO CLASS whatsoever. NONE.

Imagine if a conservative comedian were to go after President Obama's daughters the way Griffin targeted the Palins. They'd never get away with it.

The Radical Left is so blinded by their outright hatred (not mere disagreement) of Palin that they see nothing wrong with vilifying her children, too.


Kathy Griffin WISHES she were the household name that Sarah Palin is, as well as an equal force to be reckoned with.