Music is magic.

Is really is.

Or it CAN be, anyway. Music has the POTENTIAL to move mountains and rock our worlds.

And music has the power to change our very vibrational alignments.

What the HECK, Spencer?!?! You sniffing from the New Age snuff box?

Nope. It's all true. Common sense, really.

Ever notice how a song can come on the radio and change your entire mood?

Sometimes they change your mood for the worse. Maybe it's an old anniversary song that reminds you of a miserable relationship. Maybe it's the song that played at your loved one's recent funeral.

But it can also change your mood for the better. A get up and get 'em anthem comes on. A love song that reminds me of your honey. A sweet memory from childhood.

And the beauty of this is that you can be in COMPLETE CONTROL of this!!

You don't HAVE to listen to the sad songs!! CLICK it away! Life is too short to wallow in self inflicted sorrow and malaise.

FIND those positive and loving songs. Add them to your iPod or computer or CD mix for the car!

Some of us aren't even CONSCIOUS of this influence. But it is nonetheless very REAL.

See how you feel driving into work listening to uplifting, motivational music. Bet you will arrive ready to kick some serious booty.

And I don't recommend it, but if you don't believe me, try listening to tearful ballads, songs filled with violence and negativity, and old break up songs. I dare you. See how THOSE make you feel. You will want to throw in the towel before you even pull into the parking lot.

So sing. Dance. Live. Love.

Crank up the music.

And stand back and watch it make your spirit ROAR.