I haven't written a motivational blog in more than  a few Mondays, so forgive me if I am due!

Consider these little pep talks or fortune cookie advice that might just motivate you to take on this first day of several before your weekend.

As many of you know, I met my goal of losing 40 pounds by age 40. It didn't require starvation diets or unreasonable pressures. It just took a different mindset more than anything else.

And I followed that challenge by determining to lose another 10 pounds this year. That will be cake (errr...a refreshing glass of water) compared to the first 40.

Now I made a new promise to myself.

After pedaling for 7 miles on our stationary bike yesterday, I felt better than I had in a LONG time. EXHAUSTED for sure, and my body is still a little shocked from the experience. But it felt SO GOOD.

So good that I decided to make it a daily routine--and then DOUBLE it.

That's right. This physical weakling you know and love (or hate) has undertaken the challenge of pedaling FOURTEEN MILES per day.

For some of you that might be peanuts. For others, it might be more exercise than you've done in a month.

But I think it's a pretty good sized--but attainable--goal for myself.

Before 8:30 this morning, I had already biked my first 7 miles. So tonight I will do it again and be done with DAY ONE of my new workout plan.

The point of today's blog is not to show off. Lord knows it will be years before I ever feel comfortable taking my shirt off at the beach. (I don't even like doing it in the privacy of our family pool!!)

But if I can do it, ANYONE can.

Maybe it's not losing more or any weight. Maybe it's not physical at all. It could be writing a book or a poem. Or getting your To Do List made and paid attention to. Perhaps it's a debt you've been meaning to pay down or off. Calling a relative you haven't spoken with in years.

Break it down into do-able parts.

And then?

Well, DO them!

Cheers, my friends. Here's to the best week ever.