Wait. Let me get this straight.

I thought political rhetoric was getting too heated and was leading to outright murder and mayhem in America today.

Oh wait.

That's only if the rhetoric is seemingly coming from the RIGHT in American politics.

If it comes from the LEFT, it's A-OK!!

How else could you explain the absolute PASS that Democratic Congressman Mike Capuano is getting in Massachusetts??

Capuano was talking about the opposition to the public unions that has ignited debate in recent weeks and saying sometimes sending e-mails isn't enough.

"Every once in awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary," he said to a crowd.

I guess it's ok because, after all, he didn't say get a LOT bloody. Right? Just a LITTLE. So that's ok??

Imagine the IRE and WRATH if a Republican had done that. Would you be hearing about it THEN??

But there's the double standard for you compliments of the Democratic Party.

It's what allowed President Obama to tell Latinos to fight their ENEMIES instead of their political opponents. ENEMIES!! It also allowed him to say that if the Republicans brought a knife to the fight, the Democrats would bring a gun. How violent!!

It's what allowed former Congressman Paul Kanjorski (yes, a Democrat) to call for civility after the Tucson massacre even after having said that a Gubernatorial candidate (yes, a Republican) ought to be put up against a wall and shot.

It's what allowed Cindy Sheehan, the Loon of the Left and one of President George W. Bush's most outspoken critics, to publicly fantasize about how wonderful life would be if she could have gone back in time and assassinated President Bush back when he was a BABY IN HIS CRIB!!

And the double standard will allow this vengeful and hateful and violent comment to slip past the radar as well.

At least you read about it here, right?

Pass it along to all your good liberal friends next time they tell you to pipe down and be civil.