ObamaCare promised us cheaper and more efficient and better quality healthcare.

Most doctors are fearful that it will do jus the opposite.

We've already seen higher premiums. I don't know a single person who has seen premiums go down. If anything, companies are buckling down in fearful anticipation.

There's no way with so many doctors leaving medicine, reports of a HUGE shortage of family doctors in the coming years, and MILLIONS of new patients unleashed on the system that the quality could go up.

Use your BRAIN. Do the math. Be LOGICAL.

And on top of everything else, we're getting word from the IRS itself on how much more has to be added to their already Goliath bureaucracy in order to handle even the first wave of Obamacare.

More than ONE THOUSAND new auditors will have to be hired. 81 alone to patrol the tanning salon industry to make sure they pay the new 10% excise tax.

New facilities will have to be built, etc.

Cost to taxpayers?

Over $350 million in fiscal year 2012 alone. And that's just for this initial stage.

Can't wait to see how much we are ripped off over the next decade or two or five.

What exactly does government ever get involved with that gets cheaper, better, and more efficient?

I'll go make some tea while you are thinking about it.