The same people who won't believe that terrorism is a HUGE threat to the civilized world are the same ones who believe the LIGHTBULB will be the end of us. It's so ODD, to say the least.

Under a 2007 Federal law, makers of light bulbs need to start the phase out of the traditional light bulb and replace them with more efficient CFLs.

You know? The politically correct bulbs that may be more energy efficient but are also DIM, FLICKER, and aren't nearly as WARM glowing as traditional light bulbs.

We are told they last longer. Our house came with CFLs and we have had to replace them COUNTLESS times in the less than 4 years we have lived here. I have regular bulbs I haven't changed out in FOREVER.

And the traditional light bulb is so much more inviting for reading, entertaining, etc.

We swear the flickering aspect of ours will give SOMEONE in our household of 8 people a seizure sooner than later.

Oh, and most of these politically correct bulbs don't like dimmer switches (which our house has in every room). Try using a dimmer switch and you will think it's the final scene of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND.

So. What a shock. The Environmental Fascists have replaced things that WORK with things that DON'T...or at least, not as well as the products they replace.

They wanted low flush toilets. We got them. But we have to flush CONSTANTLY to get the same stuff down in the old days with ONE flush. So what water is it saving??

California Environmental Fascists (hereon referred to as EFs) shoved MTBE down our throats to make the air cleaner and it ended up POISONING THE WATER.

Green dishwashing soaps don't tend to clean as well as the old fashioned kind mom used to use.

Not only are these "green" products often inefficient. They can be potentially HAZARDOUS to our health.

A recent study found LEAD in many of the reusable bags the EFs shoved down our throats in supermarket lines. Because presumably plastic and paper bags will be the downfall of this great and amazing planet of ours.

These politically correct lights and LEDs contain LEAD, ARSENIC, and other harmful metals and materials. The copper contained in them pose a threat to fish and waterways.

How is that environmentally FRIENDLY?!?!

There is never an answer. Just the sound of crickets chirping.

So the sad reality is that many Americans are literally STOCKPILING light bulbs. I kid you not.

Susan Drake of Marietta, Ohio was quoted in USA TODAY as saying, "I have stocked up on enough incandescent light bulbs to last for the next 50 years."

Think about it. In a year they will be contraband. We will all be FORCED into being green, whether we want to be or not, whether it makes sense or not, whether it's SAFE or not.

So much for freedom of choice.