We all know that our elected officially largely have a spending problem. And the biggest problem is they are spending OUR MONEY.

The latest story that caught my attention about their frivolous spending may seem petty to many of you. But it isn’t to me.


According to Corporate Accountability International, a non-profit group, estimates that the U.S. House of Representatives spent $860,000 last year on BOTTLED WATER.

It came out to an average of $2,000 per member. What INSANITY.

First of all, I thought bottled water meant DOOM AND GLOOM for the planet. Why are they drinking the stuff at ALL?? They wag their fingers at US for doing this. I thought tap water was SO good for you? With all that fluoride flowing through it? Congressmen are too good for tap water?

It was estimated that for what they spent in bottled water, 1,500 traditional water fountains could have been purchased. Or 900 refrigerated and filtered water fountains.

But the environment aside (since I do NOT believe we are destroying the planet with plastic bottles–it’s SILLINESS), do we have to pay for EVERYTHING for elected officials??

Most of these “public servants” are more than well off. Many if not most are MILLIONAIRES. And even if they made what most of us make in the real world–BUY YOUR OWN WATER!!

Do they EVER dip into their wallets and spend money THEY EARNED?? Tap into THEIR checking or savings accounts? Swipe THEIR debit cards??

Good GRIEF!! Are you KIDDING ME??

This is not a Left of Right issue. Boehner’s office spent as much if not more than the average.

It’s about right and wrong.

How can they justify spending almost a million dollars on bottled water for themselves during one of the worst economies of the present day?

It’s all found money to them.

But it’s LOST from OUR pockets.

The real injustice is that what they average Representative spent on WATER, YOU didn’t spend on your family’s whole vacation last year. Am I right?

It’s maddening. And it’s just not right.