The War on Obesity has a new ally, looks like.

There is a new study trying to scare you into thinking your kids will grow up to be stupid grown ups if they eat too much junk food as kids.

Well, maybe not STUPID. And they measured the kids starting at age 3 and checked the IQs at age 8 and a half.

But the British study concludes that kids who ate more junk food as toddlers and kids ended up with lower IQs as they got older.

The drop was slight and not earth shattering in my view.

They supposedly controlled for other factors and the argument is that eating a lot of junk food presumably implies that kids aren't eating the healthier fare filled with all the vitamins and nutrients that kids need to develop into healthy adults.

It seemed to have affected the kids more in the verbal skills area than general performance skills.

I had a lot of those artificially flavored "fruit" pies as a kid. Wonder if that's why...