Yes, the following happened in Canada. But this kind of insanity happens in America all the time, too. More and more Western nations continue to plunge off the deep end over the psychotic fear that every little thing mankind does is killing the planet.

A 6-year-old freaked out when his mother dared to make him a sandwich for lunch in a...GASP...ZIPLOC BAG.

You see, the teacher warned the kids that they wouldn't be eligible for a prize if anyone brought environmentally unsound plastic bags to school.

According to the National Post, a Canadian newspaper, the teacher responded to the father's complaint with: "It's not very good for the environment. We have to take care of our planet and the bags do not decompose well."

This is an OUTRAGE.

My own kids have been taught over the years that the water levels will rise and drown their family and friends who live in coastal cities. They are never told that Al Gore bought a multi million dollar energy wasting HOG of a house on the California coast in Malibu.

They have been taught--WORD FOR WORD--that if the adults in their lives don't figure this mess out and get their act together, they might not be around for their 21st birthdays.



It angers me BEYOND DESCRIPTION how liberals like Harry Reid say that conservatives are fear mongering in their insistence (and CORRECT insistence) that Social Security is in HUGE TROUBLE.

It makes me apoplectic to hear the radical left say that the right is fear mongering about the deadly dangers of RADICAL ISLAM.

And yet they can, with a straight face, tell a 6-year-old that his SANDWICH BAG is destroying the earth.

There is ZERO EVIDENCE that plastic bags are destroying the earth. ZERO. Why? Because they don't decompose? Idiocy apparently doesn't decompose very easily, either.

It is the height of mental illness, in my opinion as a non-doctor, to fear a plastic bag over a wide open border. Or fearing a lightbulb over fanatical terrorists who want to cut all of our throats.

This brain washing is happening in our own schools as well, as I explained above with our own, personal examples.

Our kids are growing up with irrational fears that are UNFOUNDED. And meanwhile, they are being brought up completely NAIVE of the things that can REALLY HURT AND KILL US.

I have called this Environmental Fascism because frankly, in my estimation of things, there is no better term.