A lot of people have warned me that my mid-life crisis is imminent.

After all, I am about to hit 40 next week and it happens to everyone. Especially men.

And I HAVE taken up ghost hunting AND treasure hunting with metal detectors, so I might already have HIT the crisis full speed.

But I don't think so. Finding new hobbies that you love isn't the same as buying an overpriced sports car or running around behind your spouse.

One thing I HAVE noticed is that I am looking for a little Zen in my life.

I want to simplify. I want to de-clutter. I want to rid my life of Bozos who only drain me of my vibrant life force.

And little by little, I am finding that Zen that I crave in my life.

I used to make fun of Feng Shui. Now I find myself arranging vases and candles in a way that seem to make more sense. Not because a book tells me so, but because it just seems to click and FEEL good and right.

This doesn't mean that I am not still drowning in clutter. I am.

But I am able to see the surface and actually come up for breath for the first time in years.

I try to teach our kids that a cluttered external world cannot help but create and contribute to a cluttered internal world. And vice versa.

Want to know how frazzled I am in my personal life? Take a lot at the piles of clothes on the floor. Sift through the unpaid bills stacking up on the counter.

It's no coincidence. It's all related to each other. It's really all once and the same.

After only 24 hours with my MacBook Pro, for example, I am looking for apps that will SIMPLIFY my life, not complicate it.

My goal is to continue to de-clutter and simplify. It has made a world of difference in my personal and business life. It has affected my physical, spiritual, and mental states as well.

And now if you'll excuse me. I think a cup of tea as I continue my show prep will really hit the spot.

I'll even make you a cup in spirit.