Anyone who has been listening to my radio show and following my blogs the last few months knows that I have been keeping you posted on two big goals I set for myself last year.

The biggest one was to lose 40 pounds by age 40. My "40 by 40 Plan" as I have dubbed it. With less than a week to go, I still have a stubborn 4 pounds left to lose to make the goal.

The other was my wish for a MacBook Pro for my 40th Birthday/Goal Attained/Radio Anniversaries/Fill in the blank random achievement present.

The weight loss hasn't been easy. But it HAS been rewarding. To fit into clothes that have been mocking me in my closet for several years is WONDERFUL.

My dream of a MacBook Pro proved a lot more uncertain.

The initial plan to save up for it flew off the tracks when we hit an unexpected (though totally my fault) financial PIT.  The computer just couldn't possibly be a priority for me after this event.

I put the dream on the back burner, but still close to my heart. I never once stopped visualizing it on my desk. I never stopped hearing the clicking of the keys, seeing the brilliance of the screen, and feeling the happiness of using a Mac again.

Last Friday, when it seemed impossible that I would have this computer anytime soon let alone within a week for my birthday,  my father surprised me with it as my 40th Birthday present.

It's quite possibly arriving before I even publish this blog. Anytime now the FedEx man will ring the bell and further proof that the Law of Attraction works will be in my hands.

Thanks to my wife, Sarah, for believing in me during all of these Pie In the Sky (seemingly) goals I set for myself.

Thanks to my father for always believing in me and for the most amazing gift I could have expected.

Thanks to my family, my friends, and all of YOU out there for following my goals, my progress, and for encouraging me every step of the way. You always believed I could do it. I, even in the roughest moments, believed I could do it.

Belief is more powerful than we imagine. It's how the whole Universe works really. Belief. Faith. Expecting we will get what we ask for. Determination.

These are the very things that make life the amazing miracle it is.

Remember, the Law of Attraction forces you to focus on the END RESULT of what you want. The weight loss. The Mac. The Soul Mate. The promotion. The new job.

It sounds crazy to say, but we really need to worry less about the HOWs. How will I possibly get that computer? How will I meet the man or woman of my dreams?

God, Life Force, the Universe--whatever you choose to call it-- works in mysterious ways. We don't always SEE how things can possibly turn out the way we want them to. We just need to have undying faith that we WILL attain the end result.

See the computer on your desk and BELIEVE. See the healthier you and BELIEVE.

Cheers, my friends.