There is a huge and naive (hugely naive?) belief out there that Americans would just eat healthier if we had more information at our disposal. We just can't determine on our own that the artichoke is healthier for us than the onion rings.

So get ready for a voluntary, preemptive strike against what will surely be more Draconian government mandated measures to make nutritional information more top of mind.

The food industry has unveiled its newest labeling--this time on the FRONT of product boxes. They are doing it voluntarily before the government spanks them into submission.

See, we apparently were TOO LAZY or BUSY EATING to flip the box around to read the same information on the side or back of the box.

Obesity and unhealthy Americanas? No problem!! All we need to do is tell them what's in what they are eating--RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF THE BOX--and problem solved!!

When are the Food Fascists and Dietary Do Gooders finally going to GET that if we wanted to eat healthy...we WOULD!!

There is NOTHING STOPPING us from eating healthier foods! NOTHING.

Nothing but our WILL POWER that is. And a "No Personal Responsibility Mentality" that would rather blame a food label or a drive thru menu than our inability to say no to the junk and yes to the better foods.

When you run into the gas station, you COULD buy an apple or a banana. You could buy a bottled water. You could buy an egg salad sandwich.

But those weren't as decadent or exciting as the 44 ounce sugared soda, the nachos, and the corn dog that have been under the heat lamp since Eisenhower was President.

When you go into the grocery store, you COULD have spent more time in the produce section than in the cereal aisle. You COULD have bought lean meat instead of the pancake mix. You COULD have bought frozen peas instead of frozen poppers.

I really believe that with very few exceptions, we really are where we find ourselves in life because that's where we ultimately WANT AND CHOOSE TO BE.

Don't want to be obese? What are you DOING about it? Maybe not much.

Don't want to be stupid? When was the last time you read a book or found out the answer to something that perplexed you?

Don't want to be "stuck" in a hurtful and poisonous relationship? Then fix it or get the heck out of it.

Want to be healthy? Prove it. Eat well and exercise and take care of yourself half as well as you take care of your car or house plants.

Want to be wealthy? Save more, spend less, work harder and smarter.

See? Is there really any other answer?

The mysteries of the Universe are only as complicated as we insist on making them.

So my guess is that even if the box of cupcakes was one HUGE WARNING AND NUTRITIONAL LABEL, most people would still chose it over the pack of almonds.

We don't need more labels and cluttered drive thru signs riddled with calories and fat and sodium information.

We need more self restraint and determination.

And those are things the Nanny State can't provide for us.