I almost choked on my own saliva this morning as I prepped for my show and came across this story.

A yacht that will be valued at $1.1 BILLION!!

Good GRIEF!!

Was that a TYPO?? Nope.

It's real.

But this is no ORDINARY or even EXTRAORDINARY vessel.

It's literally a floating city!

It would be a miniaturized version of Monaco, complete with casino and racetrack.

You'd hope for that much money, you could house more than 16 guests, but you DO need to leave room for the 70 crew members it would require to make everyone safe and comfortable.

Boy, for that much money, it had better include all the Pay Per View movies you can watch!! Unlimited cocktails!! Complimentary bowling!!

Come on now!!

Even if I HAD that kind of money, I wouldn't pay a dime over $900 million for this extravagance.

And I'm a pretty simple guy. I think of all the things I could buy with $1 billion.

That would buy us...

40 million pairs of OLD NAVY jeans.

500,000 trips to Disneyland for a family of 8 (not including hotel and food and gas, etc.).

Maybe even 5 years worth of groceries at Costco for our small army.

The possibilities are endless.

Hmmmm. Now you've got ME dreaming!