Does anyone really care what Tom Brokaw thinks about gun control?

Nah. Me, neither.

But he was on a talking head show yesterday and stuck his foot in his mouth. Not the first time.

He was speaking about the tragedy that happened almost one week ago in Tuscon, Arizona.

"I would be nervous about going into a bar or restaurant in Arizona on a Saturday night where people can carry concealed without permits," Brokaw said in an interview.

Here's what those who fear concealed carry laws ALWAYS seem to miss. Bad guys DO THAT ALREADY!! Right?? In fact, they have been doing it since the dawn of firearms. Bad guys already HAVE guns on them when they travel to places like bars and restaurants. Or supermarkets and box stores. Or to the movies. Or on the bus. Or into the school.

It's interesting, isn't it? Students usually don't take guns into school unless they plan murder and mayhem, in which case they always have seemed to be able to sneak that gun onto the campus.

REGARDLESS of the state and federal laws BANNING such weapons on campus.

How and why did they do that? Because they are BAD GUYS. See? It's really not that complicated.

My GUT tells me that I have been around people in public places that are armed and really SHOULDN'T be. I grew up in a pretty rough and tumble part of San Francisco. You just KNEW those gangsters and thugs had knives and guns on them.

Do you think that type of person would apply for a permit to carry one? Take a course? Pay a fee?

Why would they when they disregard the laws and do it whether anyone else likes it or allows it or not??

I understand that Arizona makes it easier than most states to carry concealed guns. But that doesn't change the above argument.

Nothing, with or without concealed carry laws of any type, is stopping them from doing that on their OWN!!

And unlike, Tom Brokaw, I don't fear people with guns. Except for the bad guys. Good guys with guns are GOOD.

That's why if given the choice when we are in trouble and calling 911, most of us would never dream of hypothetically "pressing 2" for an unarmed officer to respond to our call.

Nope. We call the police, in most cases, because they HAVE WEAPONS on them.

States with concealed carry laws tend to not only have VERY FEW problems with those participating in them, but a significantly lower rate of crime overall.

It's interesting to me as well that I have never heard Tom Brokaw speak of his fear of automobiles, just because of all the accidents and reckless acts and robberies and felonies committed with them each and every day. No one talks of more motor vehicle restrictions the day after a lunatic or bad driver plows into a crowd of people.

So don't look for Tom Brokaw in an Arizona bar or restaurant anytime soon. But something tells me the folks in Arizona won't seem to mind.