Never made a resolution that you've been able to attain yet?

Blame your brain.

You see, bad habits aren't just tough to kick. They get wired into our brains.

Yes, bad habits are nasty and insidious and seem to be routinized into our day to day existence.

Plus chocolate almost always seems the better reward than a bag of carrots. At least to most of us, most of the time.

A recent study has found, once again, that our brains get used to certain rewards by routine and the more used to and content we become with them, the more likely we are to continue the action or activity.

We KNOW how good that brownie tastes. So we enjoy eating them. Over and over again.

But we have to look beyond the immediate gratification if we are determined to meet our resolutions and goals.

If you ever want to fit into that swimsuit or pair of jeans again, you might have to choose carrots over chocolate.

Sure the elevator is convenient. But you don't burn calories pressing the button to the 5th floor.

The good news is, you can wire good habits into your brain as well. A habit is merely something you get accustomed to doing time after time. You can get into the habit of flossing your teeth just as well as the habit of eating sugary foods through the day.

Many will surely use the latest news to blame their brains for their lack of will power to lose weight, find a new mate, attain a better job, etc.

But once we understand how the brain works with regards to habits, we can CHOOSE to program our brains anyway that we want.

The same is so true of positive and negative thoughts. Your brain doesn't disriminate between the two. It merely processes the thoughts and brings about the things you think about most.

This knowledge can lead you down a hallowed path or an evil one.

The choice is always up to you.

So let's wire those brains of ours for good!! Think good things!! Make good and worthwhile resolutions!!

And don't let anyone talk you out fulfilling them.

Not even your brain.