Happy New Year, my friends. This is my first of countless blogs for 2011.

Friday marked my 16th Anniversary hosting my own radio show. But yesterday marked another very special date.

It was the 5th Anniversary of the Fox News Talk channel on satellite radio. It was also the 5th Anniversary of my current show, Fox Across America.

I will never forget the excitement leading up to that debut.

My life had hit so many low points, in my personal life and career. I was working part time on the radio and full time in retail  and I was hungering to get back behind the mic full time again.

I got the call to come to New York for an interview. Fox was debuted a new 24/7 News Talk channel for satellite and there was a chance I could fit into the roster.

WOW! A roster that included some of my biggest mentors in the Network radio world!

My first trip was a very short one. Just over 24 hours long.

I remember flying in around midnight and being restless when I reached my hotel.

Even though it was FREEZING outside (remember, I am a Californian where anything under 50 degrees is cold for us...HAHA) and it was very late and I had my interview that very morning, I was determined to take a late night stroll around the neighborhood.

Since it was my first ever trip to New York, I had no sense of direction.

But I will never forget the excitement and sheer joy I felt when I turned a couple of corners and ended up in the lights of Times Square.

Tears of happiness streamed my face. Was this a dream?

A dream REALIZED, more like. Sinatra's song played over and over in my head. "If I can make it here, I'm gonna make it...ANYWHERE..."

So this is what it felt like. It was an amazing feeling and one I relive at low points in my life. I hope that sense of wonder at that very moment in time never escapes my imagination and memory.

Well, as you can tell by the fact that I am celebrating our 5th Anniversary on the air, I got the job. And that was another moment of joy that is burned in my heart.

I never take one day on the air for granted. Everyday is a new adventure.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for being out there and supporting the show by listening on the air, reading the blogs, subscribing to the podcasts, and continuing to tell everyone you know about us and the Fox News Talk channel.

I couldn't do this without all of you out there being such an integral part of it.

Thank you. Happy New Year. And here's to the next five years and beyond!