I was stunned to find out that 9 Republican Senators jumped off the OMNIBUS bus and busted it wide open. 9 billion in wasted money and billions more in unncessary spending Now it won't happen. This shows  to a degreee the GOP heard the people and now has refomred their ways. Remember the  2 yr mortorium on earmarks and now a kicking to the curb of thousand of earmnarks..even their own.


I also like the compromise on keeping Bushes tax rates and ithink the President has begun to like it more by the day. He will be sprinting to the middle because the left has lost power and does'nt seem to like him too much.


Jason Assange will continue to do damage as he now is out on bail and on mansion arrest. He loves being infamous and soon I hope we will get him on some legit espionage charges.


Have a great weekend and lets hope START gets stopped...