Anyone who has heard my show recently or read my blogs knows how I am itching for a MacBook Pro sometime in the new year for my 40th Birthday/losing weight/radio anniversary present all rolled into one.

Hey, you only live once, right?

Well, an earlier blog described the process of Creative Visualization and how it is helping me to achieve my goal of owning this computer.

Now I want to share with you some thoughts on how that Creative Visualization manifests in your day to day life leading UP to the fulfillment of your goal.

One exercise I like to use is listening to meditative and relaxing music as I fall asleep. All the while I am thinking of what it feels like to already be in possession of my MacBook Pro.

I've been hanging out at the Apple Store so much that I can visualize every little nuance of it.

Here's the really cool part.

I have actually impregnated these thoughts so thoroughly into my subconscious that I am affecting the content of my dreams!

One night I was dreaming that I was writing my book on the newly acquired laptop. In another, I was whizzing through a program like an old pro (even though I have never actually USED the program at all!).

I have done many more subtle things, too. I have an Apple Logo as the background on my cell phone. So every time I make or receive a call--or even just look at what time it is--I see that logo staring me in the face.

There's another logo up on the wall in my home office/studio. Mac magazines line my bookshelf. I've even considered subscribing to one BEFORE I even buy the Mac.

It is essential that you do two primary (early) things in the quest of acquiring all you desire.

You must first know WHAT it is that you want. So many people say they want to win "a lot of money" in a jackpot or lottery. But how many actually can SEE the specific amount? Not many at all.

Don't just wish for money. DECLARE that as of January 1st, 2011 (or 2020 or whenever) you will be in possession of "x" number of dollars or earning "x" number of dollars from your new salary.

It's not enough to say you want to lose weight. You could lose 7 ounces in your sleep tonight. Will that satisfy you? I didn't think so!

So say you have decided that you will weight 150 pounds by this time next year.

I didn't just envision getting a new computer for my birthday. I decided I wanted at least a 15 inch MacBook Pro. I played with those particular models at the Apple Store. I didn't hope for this computer but envision or play with an iPod instead. That wouldn't make any sense.

Once you determine what it is that you WANT (better health, more wealth, more friends, a new job, etc.), then you have to put most of your attention day to day ON THAT THING.

Just as it's not easy to listen to a song on the radio and carry on a conversation with 3 people at the same time and have a fire engine roaring by you and expect to comprehend what you are thinking about or talking about, the same goes with goals.

It's hard to achieve any goal when you are focusing on too many at the same time.

Don't try to lose 50 pounds at the same time you are finding a career or a mate or a new city to live in. Focus your attention with laser beam precision on one or two at once.

There's a saying I like: You can have ANYTHING you want. Just not EVERYTHING. Think about that. So many people want a celebrity lifestyle but they don't want to be away from their spouse or kids or home. Can't always have both.

I remind my kids all the time that their favorite personalities generally don't have much of a stable life. In and out of hotels, away from their kids for months at a time, stalkers, etc. You can HAVE unbridled fame, yes. But just don't expect to be able to ride the subway or go to the grocery store for bananas quite as easily as everyone else.

So know what you want. FEEL IT. TASTE IT. And put your attention on it like you have never put your attention on anything before. BREATHE IT and DREAM IT into your life.

If you do this and keep your motivation up and believe that, in time, you will reach and attain what it is you want, you will astound yourself with your power of manifestation!