Great thanks to Andrea and Gretch for filling in last week and thanks to you for jamming the lines..The President must feel pretty alone right now/..half his stff is leaving and the left has left him at his time of need. Amazing how Congressman Weiner and others have no problem ripping their own left wing president. Do they know Pres Bush left DC?.

What they will end up doing is forcing Obama to the middle and push him to republican ledership and away from his. I dont think Pelosi can last as a minority member where I think Steny Hoyer could have made the adjustment. Imagine her exoctement when he handles the gavel over to John Boenher. You just know Boehner is going to have a hard time losing the crying guy habit just like Biden hasn't shaken the crazy guy label and Quayle never shook the dumb guy tag.

Great to have Dana Perino in studio and Ari Fleisher on hand. Both are incredibly confident and competent...President Bush tomorrow!!