I noticed a sign this week passing a school parking lot.

It read "Please don't cut in line" and was referencing the myriad cars that line up in school loops every morning and afternoon when parents are dropping off or picking up their kids.

Sad that such a sign has to be posted.

It's only because even grown ups don't know how to behave anymore.

Kids need to be told this as they grow up--that's how they know what is right and wrong and appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

But adults?? We need to be told we shouldn't CUT IN LINE??

Are you serious??

Apparently so.

Not one day goes by that a parent doesn't take another's right of way in our school loops. The understood, common sense, courteous rule is that every other car gets a turn to pull out of the parking lot.

Makes sense, right?

Not to many, obviously.

Letting every other car go is not only courteous, it keeps the flow of traffic moving. It makes SENSE.

Anarchy does not.

But I shouldn't get TOO worked up over this. These people cut in school loops, grocery lines, movie ticket counters, gas stations--EVERYWHERE.

Best you can do is take a deep breathe.

And hope these aren't the same idiots you run into when you come upon an intersection with burned out signal lights or a 4 way stop sign.