The GOP is about to sell its soul to President Obama in order to push through the extension of Bush Tax Cuts across the board. it the President is selling HIS soul to the GOP?

There are talks this week that the President is willing to cave on the extension of tax cuts for those wascally and evil folks in America who dare to make more than $250,o00 a year (family).

BUT ONLY if the GOP gives him his only bone to the growing number of the unemployed--MORE and MORE and MORE unemployment benefits.

Maybe as much as another 52 weeks worth!!

Anyone who listens to my show knows my disgust with out of control and never ending bennies for the unemployed.

The group known as the "99ers" insist that even after 99 WEEKS of unemployment benefits, it's not enough.

They still can't find work, they cry.



My premise is simple, and I believe accurate.

Anyone who has not found work after 99 weeks is a) not really looking, b) setting the standard for the job and its pay too high, c) content or downright satisfied with getting an unemployment check as opposed to getting an honest job.

There. I said it.

Mean spirited? Hardly.

It's the TRUTH and everyone knows it but is too afraid to say it because someone will--GASP--label them as a Grinch.

So will the GOP really sell their soul and give in an let the President extend bennies for possibly another 52 weeks?!?!

Imagine the absurdity of this.

Where is the urgency to get a job if you know that the President will press Congress into just extending your benefits for NOT WORKING, the moment your current weeks run out??

THERE ISN'T ANY URGENCY is the answer.

My favorite personal analogies hold true.

If you were fired today and your boss gave you 2 weeks severance pay, you would feel a much greater sense of urgency and maybe even DOOM than if your boss gave you 6 months worth of severance.

It stands to reason.

Same way you'd walk a LOT more carefully across the tight rope if you knew there was a tank full of sharks under you instead of a net to catch your fall.

I took a recent call from a very SPOT ON listener.

As a business owner, he said he'd much rather hire a person whose current job was making french fries than a "professional" who had been out of work for 99 weeks or more.

He said the former showed a greater work ethic and the latter showed they were happy with complacency and joblessness or else they WOULD have taken on SOME form of employment.

In other words, a JOB--ANY JOB--is better than NO JOB.

Especially in the eyes of the person who might be your next boss.

The answer to the question in the title of this blog is: For the Left and those who support merely extending benefits instead of asking why the government isn't doing a very good job of job creation, there will NEVER be enough.

So. Who wants to answer my million dollar question?

At the end of the NEXT 52 some odd weeks...and the unemployed are STILL unemployed...even after, say, 151 weeks of bennies.