It's hard to believe that it was six years ago today that I bought the Collector's Edition of a computer game called WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

The rest, as they say, is history.

WOW as it's been dubbed for short has become one of the most successful video games of all time.

It's an MMO (or MMORPG if you are a real geek like me) or Massively Multiplayer Online game. That means unlike most games that are either a single or two player experience, you play REAL TIME with millions of players from literally all over the world.

Think EVERQUEST on steroids.

All the information you need is at the official website and you can determine if it's for you or not.

The third and latest expansion is called CATACYLSM and it set for release two weeks from today on December 7.

This promises to be the most dramatic and literally cataclysmic expansion yet. The entire game world of Azeroth is set to be changed forever by fire and destruction that will change the landscape that players have explored for countless hours over the last six years.

To paraphrase Al Pacino Godfather line: Just when I thought I was out, Blizzard pulls me BACK IN.

Yes, it's all self inflicted punishment, bliss, and entertainment all rolled into one.

World of Warcraft's update today is getting the game world ready for the upheaval in two weeks. Now is as good a time as any to get sucked into the most addictive and colorful online gaming world ever created (second perhaps only to the original EVERQUEST which set the stage for EVERYTHING that followed).

It IS a subscription only game and will cost you $14.99 a month to play in addition to buying the original game and all its expansions. But believe me, this game (with no end and limited only by your imagination) will keep you busy enough that all or most other games will fall by the wayside. This means you won't be spending a ton of money on OTHER games in a given year and the time you spend in Azeroth will only end up being pennies a day.

To the credit of the EVERQUEST franchise, they package the latest version of the games with ALL the expansions included for a reasonable price. Blizzard requires you buy the original game before you can play the expansions, so to catch up from square one will set you back just over $100 with the upcoming expansion.

I thought I had left WOW for good. But Blizzard had other plans for my soul, apparently.

I knew they weren't going to let me go that easily.