How great was he today especially in light of his millionaire perspective on our nations tax policy. He does not believe we should leave the current tax rates in place for people like him he does not believe that rich people spend money and you didn't agree!! Thats great radio to take part in and for me- to listen to. I am a big talk listener from news to sports to entertainment and thats the type of conversation I love to take in and I hope you feel the same way. We dodnt get in detail about his Oprah appearance but he dominated the show PHil, Sally, Ricki, and Montel just aren't in his class.

I feel bad for President I dont think hes prepared for Dem's to jump ship on him like they are about to do and in the long run I think he'll learn the Lieberman's, Graham's and Kyl's will be his best friend on the war and have his back on tax cuts.