Today is Veterans Day. Few websites I have been to took the time to remind you of that today. Maybe because they forgot, too.

We cannot afford to forget this important day. We must stop and honor our Veterans. The men and women who have served or serve in our armed forces.

Memorial Day is designed to remember those who sacrificed their lives in the name of their country. It is a day to honor the mass graves of true heroes. Veterans Day is a day that encompasses tribute to the living and the dead.

My biggest fear is that this is being lost with the young generation. Kids seemingly don't care.

Look around you. Millions of kids around the country have the day off. But do they really know why?? Are we as parents taking the time to explain it to them??

Our kids are fortunate enough to go to public schools that really make a HUGE DEAL out of Veterans Day. They have a ceremony and Vets are invited to come and talk to the kids and hang out with them all day.

That is a rarity. The sad truth is that most kids don't see a lot of fanfare over Veterans Day at school.

So if they don't get it at school and they don't get it at home...where do we expect them to get it?

Video games? Kids have turned war into a fun event. A quest to get high scores worthy of leader boards. War has become a comic book to many kids.

Of course, there are the kids whose parents are fighting in the war right now, who haven't seen their mother or father in months. Maybe years.

So many have made sacrifices in the name of America.

God bless America. And God bless our Veterans.