In the course of my radio show prep this morning, I came across an essay on "10 Lies You'll Hear Before Pursuing Your Dream" and thought it would make a nice subject of commentary for a Motivational Monday blog.

Ever notice that the minute you state an aspiration, passion, or dream to people, you will typically get anything from frowns to warnings to outright distaste and disapproval.

You will, of course, get applauds and hugs and approval, too. No doubt about it.

But there are those I call Dream Snatchers who will try to suck the dream out of you faster than a zombie will try to suck the brains out of you.

They are usually unhappy people who themselves probably never pursued their dreams for whatever reason. They are miserable in their failings and, knowing that misery likes company, will try to bring you down to their level.


I was told repeatedly by the Dream Snatchers of my past that I shouldn't get into radio. That I didn't have a voice anyone would want to listen to, that it was too volatile a business, that I would get eaten alive, that I would have to start and probably end up being stuck in a low level market in the middle of nowhere.

There were times where they pounded me so hard I got pretty disenchanted, to be sure. But I never, ever gave up. Obviously.

Read the commentary for yourself. I couldn't do it justice by trying to summarize it.

Enjoy it. Savor it. And teach those Dream Snatchers a thing or two about hope, perseverance, and following your heart no matter what!