Anyone who has watch GHOST HUNTERS and other ghost hunting/paranormal shows is familiar with the KII meter. Even if not by name.

It’s the grey semi-rectangular device with the color LEDs across the top, showing color changes from green on the far left to red on the far right.

Like many other tools of the ghost hunting trade, this device was not DESIGNED to locate and communicate with spirits.

It is an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. At its most practical level, it can detect the levels of EMF in your home or business. This is important to detect faulty wiring and unsafe levels of EMF coming from wiring, appliances, leaks, etc.

Hold one of these puppies up to your microwave oven or dishwasher or washer/dryer and watch it hit the yellow, orange, or even peg the red. This indicates that the EMF levels are high, as would be expected, near these power hungry appliances/devices.

But what does it mean when you take a KII into a paranormal investigation and get a baseline reading (one of the first things we do post-interviews, etc.) of the EMF in a location and find that it stays in the GREEN (lowest EMF reading)–ONLY to hit the orange or the red when ASKED to respond to YOUR specific questions??

That’s where the cool stuff happens.

You see, it is believed that spirits are made up of EMF and can manipulate the EMF around them. When we take our gear (various EMF detectors other than the KII) and we start getting spikes in areas where there SHOULDN’T be (or perhaps there is NO ELECTRICITY, sources of EMF, etc.) it is believed that perhaps we are in the presence of spiritual activity.

But the really fun part is when you use the KII as a digital Ouija Board of sorts. Once we believe we have contacted a spiritual entity, we can then ask it to interact with us on the KII by lighting the lights for yes/no questions.

For example: “If you lived in the 1800s, could you please spike this meter into the red by getting as close to it or interacting with it any way you can?”

If that meter has been in the green the whole time and just sitting there, and all of a sudden it pegs into the RED when you ASK QUESTIONS…that is generally pretty darned compelling to me that something is going on.

We have had KII sessions that last quite a while.

Watch the video below. This was on an investigation with my best friend and ghost hunting buddy, Jon Almada. The lights are out and the green light is the normal base level of the KII.

Notice when it peaks in the red. This has happened a LOT on this case. It often pegs red when we ask if it’s time for us to move along and leave them alone. Interesting! Ghosts need their privacy and down time, too, it would seem.

Naysayers will say it is all coincidence or mumbo jumbo.

But trust me. I was not easily sold at first on the KII as a ghost hunting/spirit communication device. I have entered ALL of this with some degree of healthy skepticism.

But when the device can sit there for HOURS without the slightest flicker even into the second shade of green and then lights up into the red CONSISTENTLY when questions are asked…that is hard to explain.

We, unlike some in this field, always remember to turn off our cell phones and/or walkie talkies because they interfere with the KII meters. If you are ever ghost hunting or tagging along with a group, make sure to look around. If someone has a cell phone on, question any results. We turn off phones and make sure none are within the range of the device’s detection.

Oh! And here is a bonus for you in the video I have included…phantom KNOCKS at :39 seconds into the video.

Those double knocks were NOT heard at the time of the filming and were NOT made by US. We keep things as QUIET as possible and ALWAYS will “tag” the audio or video, meaning if a dog barks or if our stomach grumbles we are sure to “tag” that on the audio so when we play it back we know that dog barking wasn’t a ghost trying to speak to us!

Those knocks are included in the phenomenon known as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) which are voices or sounds made by the spirits that are not heard by our EARS but picked up by recording devices (even the audio tracks of video cameras).

KII meters sell for an average of $60 and are found on eBay, EMF detector sellers, and of course ghost hunting sites. Get the version that has the “click” on and off button. Ever watch episodes of paranormal shows where they have a QUARTER lodged into the on button? The original editions didn’t an on/off button but had to be kept on with a thumb (which would get tired–hence the quarter trick).

Enjoy the video and happy ghost hunting!