Why is the word extreme scaring off independents at this point in the election season? Its because when it comes to voting the Dem's know there might some remorse. I always go with the gut...If you like a Guy or women stay with them and don;t let an add sway you. I think Ed Gillespie nailed it when he said Dem's are waking up and the President now has to get them out. Early voting in the wild card..so far its heavy GOP!!

Did not think Pat Toomey would be having this much trouble and am surprised rand Paul is having so much trouble icing Jack Conway but he is.. On the other hand Carly Fiorina is giving Boxer a run for their money like she has never had before and that has to scare the Dem's to their core. Wonder if Senator Cornyn is ready for that fight as the lead dog for the GOP Senators we know he does not want to-pump any money to O'Donnell. He feels she so far behind its a waste. Still think you have an obligation to push Mike Castle to support he--don't you.?>