Over the last 4 years America has had a goo long look at Nancy Pelosi and I think they'd like to break up..Its not just Republicans who wanna call it quits, but Indy's and Dems who want to show her the leadership door. Shes a self serving self righteous person who is waaay to high on herself. When you have 10 congressman on the record saying they wont support her as speaker. On some level this has to please President Obama how could he possibly have liked dealing with-her..hey shes powerful and impactful but she's on her own agenda not our agendas. Oh yeah who is left that President Obama will know he losing more advisers and colleagues weekly then most of us see in 20 years on the job.

Like taking your calls on your jobs and your careers and I echo your feelings of outrage on her statements that we should spread wealth around. Good to hear from the Ben Franklin today and if you want his book go to our website