Happy Meals have been a staple of childhood forever.

And although that is a BRAND we associate with McDonald's, little, cheap but cool, toys served with a kid's meal have made countless kids excited just to eat lunch or dinner.

We talked on my radio show about the idiotic Supervisors in Santa Clara, California who banned Happy Meal toys for "unhealthy" meals.

Now San Francisco and the most liberal Supervisors in America visited the issue recently.

They ended up postponing a vote this week that would have limited toy distribution to meals that met the City's nutritional guidelines.

Foods low in sodium, fat, sugar, and calories. Oh, and served with veggies or fruit instead of fries.

How a government body has the AUTHORITY to do this is beyond me. How is this possible in a free country?? To tell a private corporation that they can't market kid's meals with TOYS?!?!

My kids eat burgers. They eat fries. And yes, sometimes, they choose apple wedges instead. But I know they burn off more calories in 20 minutes than I can in a week. They are all healthy and in good standing with their doctors.

San Francisco...and Nanny Government everywhere...leave me and my kids the Hell ALONE.