It's almost magical, isn't it, when you wake up some (hopefully MOST) days to a positive outlook, a favorite song in your heart or on the radio, and everything seemingly going your way.

And then there are days that are just the opposite. You wake up to the neighbor's rooster crowing at 4am, slip in the shower, and grumble and mumble through the rest of your day.

We often make our lives and the Universe far more complicated than we have to as far as our day to day relationships with ourselves and others are concerned.

I really do believe that we are surrounded by positive and negative energy. Not only that, but these vibrations are affecting just about everything we experience around every turn.

One of my Facebook status updates today said basically this: "Lift others up with your positive energy instead of letting them bring you down with their negative energy."

My wife and I will once in a while pay for the person's order behind us at the fast food drive thru. Recently, I paid for the driver behind me. I couldn't even see them in the darkness. But as I pulled up to leave, I heard a loud and grateful, "THANK YOU!! THAT WAS VERY KIND!!"

This person acted as if she had just won a lottery. That's how grateful she was. Maybe her day had been bad and that little act gave it a little redemption. Or maybe she was having a GREAT day and that was a nice way to continue the momentum of positive energy she had already been experiencing.

Ever feel better after hanging out with friends or coworkers who never stop complaining? Does hearing about your aunt's health plight lift you up? Or does it depress you? Surrounding yourself with negative vibrations from negative people will never be beneficial to you or your well being.

But the opposite is true. This is why people pay top dollars to sit in a crowd and be entertained by a comedian. You want to LAUGH. You want to experience JOY.

This is why a walk along the beach at sunset is generally preferable to a walk along a junkyard.

One invigorates you and the other deflates you.

The Abraham-Hicks material on the Law of Attraction is quite extensive and one of their assertions is that you always have the choice to make your next thought a little bit better or a little bit worse. Your thoughts are either upstream or downstream. As is every moment and event in our lives.

So don't be afraid to tell the negative people in your life you don't have room for so much doom and gloom.

Surround yourself with joy and positivity and this is the direction your life will take.